Why can't I login when I already receive the Daily Kos emails?

Having a user account at Daily Kos is completely separate and independent from receiving the Daily Kos Recommended email. It is possible to do one or the other, or both — but doing one has no connection to the other. 

You may have a user account already if you recall a username that is NOT an email address. Our usernames do not allow any special characters at all. If you can't login with the email you think should be associated with a Daily Kos user account, then please consult our the resources linked below, or open a ticket at the Help Desk.

To participate on the website, by writing or recommending comments or stories, it is necessary to have a user account at Daily Kos.  To create your free user account, click on the Sign Up link on any page or visit the dedicated Sign Up page. Once you have confirmed your account by clicking a link in a message sent to your email, then you will be good to go. If you do not receive an email inviting you to confirm your account, then please return here so that we can complete the process manually.

Before you sign up, though, we strongly encourage you to consult the tutorials linked below that explain the sign-up process--one is text-based and the other is a video. Since we don't change usernames once they're associated with a comment or story on the site, it's a very good idea to think carefully about your choice of username when you are setting it up.

If you have any problems creating or using your account, please feel free to open a Help Desk ticket.