Troubleshooting for Login Difficulties: Check your Browser's Saved Passwords

Are you having site login problems? Maybe your browser's needs to be updated. 

Most browsers nowadays provide a built-in “password manager” feature to permit users to store their passwords for frequently-visited sites. The details for each will differ, so much so that there are few common elements. But here are two: The browser will typically ask if you want to save a password whenever you create one. The browser will usually then auto-fill the password for you whenever the site/username match.

That second quality is what can cause trouble for our Daily Kos users now. Even if you have successfully changed your password on Daily Kos, then you MAY encounter difficulty logging in--IF your browser has not updated the password they’ve saved for you.

Some browsers will give you the option of updating a password when you refuse the autofill option. That is, when you see the login window and enter your username, if the password window immediately fills up with a password, you can DELETE it and supply the NEW password instead. At that point, your browser may ask if you want to update your password—an offer you probably want to accept. But some browsers don’t make it clear that they are supplying an autofill. And just to make it more complicated, some browsers (e.g. Chrome) permit you to save your passwords across multiple devices, which can be a mixed blessing.

Therefore, if you are positive you have changed your password for Daily Kos successfully, but you are still having login problems, the first step to take in troubleshooting is to try to login using a browser where you do NOT have your Daily Kos password saved. If you can login to the site on this new browser, then you have just confirmed that the problem resides with your favorite browser’s saved passwords. You’ll have to take a few minutes to look up the specific steps changing/updating saved passwords for your browser. They exist in abundance, so we will let you take that step on your own.

In case you have a separate password manager installed, these same suggestions to confirm your Daily Kos password is up to date will apply. In either case, if you need to reset your password, please consult the linked resources below. You may certainly open a Help Desk ticket if none of the self-serve resources suffice.