Groups: How to follow one

Daily Kos Groups serve two key functions: they help organize content for readers and they support site members who create such content.

Any registered user at Daily Kos can take advantage of the content-organization feature offered by a group by "following" it.  To "follow" a group means that any story published to that group will be published in your own unique Activity Stream. Having a curated list of "followed" groups makes it easier to keep up with groups whose posts you don't want to miss. That Stream is available to every logged-in user via the pulldown menu attached to the user's avatar/username in the site header. (Try it and see!)

To follow a group, visit its profile page and click on the Follow Group link. If you are not sure how to find a group or its profile page, please consult the linked reference, Groups: How to find one. 

It may help to see an example of a group's profile page. Let's look at the page for the group Readers and Book Lovers: In many ways, it resembles a user's profile page, and both user profile pages and group profile pages share some features--including the ability to follow one. 

When you have reached a group's profile page, look for the Follow Group button in the left sidebar. 

If you click that button to initiate the follow, you will see the text change to display Unfollow Group. To unfollow the group at any time, click the button again.

Note the form (syntax) of the URL for that profile page. Every group's profile page has a URL of that form:{group%20name}. For this particular group, the full {group%20name} is Readers and Book Lovers. In the URL bar for that page as captured in this screenshot, you will see that the site automatically hides the placeholder characters for spaces, %20, but they are still there to maintain continuity for the hyperlink. 

Also keep in mind that many of the routes for reaching a group arrive initially on the group's Blog page. That page for Readers and Book Lovers, just to choose one group to illustrate the process, is See the small but significant difference in the URL?

At the top of the group blog, you'll see GROUPS > READERS AND BOOK LOVERS where the group name (in blue) is a hyperlink. Clicking that link will redirect you to the group's profile page and the Follow button you need.