Groups: What site users and Group Admins need to know (August 2020)

This resource supplies information regarding the function of Groups on Daily Kos, offering both context and links to several related tutorials. Groups are a major component of the infrastructure of Daily Kos, both technically and socially. The changes we implemented in August of 2020 are intended to help make Groups more transparent and functional for new and experienced site users. 

Since the debut of the fifth major makeover of Daily Kos ("DK5") in November of 2015 we've operated two interconnected but different sections of the site. The blog pages (including the Front Page) and story pages have all been running on a more nimble and powerful software system, while the supportive pages, such as the user profile pages, the Search function, private messaging (Kosmail), Tags, and Groups, remained on the legacy software.

The process of switching those supportive pages from Perl onto Rails has been a long and careful one, and we still have much more to do. Making sure that we retain site history, not losing any archival content, has been a top priority, and that alone makes our work more challenging than you might expect. While we're investing product and engineering time in the changeover, we're also improving the display and functionality of each type of page.

The first switchover occurred with the Tags pages, which were transformed on March 5, 2020, as explained in this post by elfling, "Behold, a new Tags landscape." Many of those design features are emulated on the new Groups pages, unveiled on August 19, 2020.

We have published two posts to explain the changes to Groups. The post by elfling, "New Group Profile Pages," offers an overview of the changes, which affect only the Group Profile and Edit pages. She observes: "The new pages make it easy to see the stories published by a group, the people involved with the group, and the purpose around it in a single view. A group page should be a first-class portal into the site."

The post by QAMichelle, "A Tour of New Groups for Group Admins," goes into thorough and careful detail, including annotated screenshots, about the features that Group Admins need to know. Without repeating here the detailed explanation of the new Groups features, we will note that many aspects of Group structure and function remain unaltered, namely:

  • Your group queue url
  • Your group blog view url
  • How you publish an original story to your group
  • How you reblog a story to your group
  • How you start a new group
  • Your group Kosmail url and how your Kosmail looks/works

Please bookmark this post as a resource while you become accustomed to the alterations in work flow. If you have questions, please feel free to open a ticket at Help Desk.

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