What's New (& Improved) on Daily Kos?

We strive every day to make our site the most effective platform for "news you can do something about." This goal entails maintaining our current code in good condition; implementing new features improving user options for reading, commenting, and publishing; and keeping up with industry best practices relative to accessibility, device security, and data storage and retrieval.

Most of our major changes are announced via multiple posts on the site, first as notices of upcoming events and then as confirmation that the changes have been implemented. All such stories are published through the Daily Kos Announcements group, so please feel free to visit this list view of all stories posted under the group's auspices to see what you might have missed. Here at the Help Desk these developments are often also explained in detail within our resource documents, especially those under the category "Daily Kos Features: Resources, Tips, and Tricks." 

Our most recent changes, listed from most to least recent and linked to the posts describing them: