Why hasn't my HelpDesk query gotten a response?

The Daily Kos Helpdesk is a place to report problems and issues with the site and our related projects, but it is not staffed 24/7 nor is it checked on a minute by minute basis. Typically, staff checks it a few times a day on weekdays. Weekends and holidays are not generally covered, though sometimes you may get lucky.

Helpdesk is covered by several Daily Kos staff, including real Daily Kos tech people who normally write code and keep servers running, and is not outsourced in any way. It is no one's primary or exclusive responsibility and sometimes other issues are higher priority (including vacation time). The wait time can also be affected by how many other queries appear that day.

You can decrease the turnaround time by making sure that we have enough information to provide a reasonable diagnosis of the issue you're having. The linked resource, "How to help us help you," lists the sort of detail we need.

It is also possible that your requests have been captured by the support spam filter, which is entirely different from the filter used at the main site. Staff tries to check that filter regularly for real replies.

After all those caveats, we'll note that our rough priority list for responding to tickets is:
1. Can't login/spam trap/etc.
2. Bug reports regarding site features and behavior, which may be urgent or chronic problems
3. Subscription and donation issues
4. Daily Kos email list requests (want to get on or off of it)
5. Instruction/tutorial help

Moderation tickets are prioritized by other means and addressing those issues, if necessary, can be time-consuming. Please note that in some circumstances privacy concerns proscribe a staff reply.

We are trying to be better about making sure that all threads that have been examined get some kind of response if anything can be said. Please feel free to view the linked articles, or peruse the support documents provided on this platform, for answers to common questions in the meantime.