Minimum system requirements for Daily Kos

Daily Kos updates its website features to keep pace with user expectations, accessibility guidelines, security concerns, and market pressures. We make every effort to enable users to view and participate in our website across many different devices and platforms, in accordance with the parameters above.

The following list characterizes the range of devices, operating systems, and browsers we currently support (that is, the range of devices, etc, on which we test our code changes). As a general guideline, it is worth keeping in mind that if an operating system is no longer updated by its manufacturer, then we do not support it either. Please note as well that we do not test on Linux machines.


Win 10: Edge; Firefox; Chrome (latest versions).

Mac: OSX 12 (Monterey), last updated 22 Jan 2024. Safari updates in tandem with the MacOS, which can be done as long as the hardware supports the changes. We also support recent versions of Firefox and Chrome.

We do not actively test Opera, but since it is Chromium based it usually works if these other browsers do. Please note that browsers with built-in privacy protections are often, though not always, incompatible with Daily Kos.

Mobile devices

As a rough guide, please assume that we no longer test on the versions that the manufacturers do not maintain. Once there is no security support offered to an operating system, these devices become extremely vulnerable to malware.

iOS: No earlier than 15, for which Apple still offers security patches. Apple provides general support ONLY for iOS 17, however.

Android: No earlier than 11 (Red Velvet Cake)

Samsung Galaxy: No earlier than 21, though many other numbered sequences are still supported by Samsung. Check

For the latest news, it’s best to consult the manufacturers’ own websites.

Alternatives for mobile device users

You can install an RSS reader if you don't already have one and view Daily Kos content through it. If you need a reader, there are some free or inexpensive ones available via the App Store/Google Play. When you search for RSS readers, you'll see a large array of them. The information displayed about each will include ratings, features, and operating system compatibility. Once you choose one and install it, then you can fetch Daily Kos through it. There is an RSS link at the bottom of the main footer and at the bottom of every individual group or user blog view.

What to check next 

If you still have problems loading the site even if your setup is one we support, please see the two self-help steps linked below. A third resource offers tips for coping with limited bandwidth or an old computer.

Please note as well that it is possible for the site to perform well on other combinations of operating systems/browsers. We simply cannot ensure that this will be the case for all possible combinations.