Upgrading Safari when your MacOS has maxed out for your hardware

We realize that some of our site users find it difficult if not impossible to keep their software up-to-date, especially when older hardware will no longer permit software upgrades. We do our best to consider these limits when we set our own baseline for the operating systems and browsers to support. (See our Minimum System Requirements resource for more details—including why we do not support software indefinitely.)

We do look for off-site tips and workarounds that might help our site users get the most out of older equipment. One valuable resource in this regard is the Apple Support Community, where ordinary users, and some experts, help each other address issues that can have wide applicability.

In particular, users on older MacOS (especially Catalina, version 10.13), may find it helpful to read this suggested workaround for upgrading Safari beyond the usual version corresponding with the OS. If it works, that can gain you a little more time on your current system.