5. How other candidates have made an impact via Daily Kos

We are honored to offer a platform to progressive Democratic candidates across the country. Many candidates and campaigns have gained volunteers, donors, and voters thanks to their presence here–and many (though not all) do win their campaigns. 

Posts by the four site members listed below illustrate the variety of campaigns that utilized Daily Kos, ranging from the U.S. Senate and House to state houses. We also have proudly lent our platform to community organizing campaigns devoted to voting rights and citizen empowerment. But this is only a sample of the brilliant, dedicated, and inspiring candidates/campaigns it has been our privilege to host. We hope that you draw some inspiration from their work and join our list of successful campaigns found on Daily Kos. 

John Fetterman 

The junior senator from Pennsylvania demonstrates in his Daily Kos posts the same humor, candor, and grit that convinced voters to support his 2022 election campaign.

Jaynie Parrish 

The founder and first executive director of the Navajo County Democrats and Northeast (Arizona) Native Democrats made a compelling case, amplified by photos of on-the-ground campaigners, for energizing Native voters in that state during the 2020 and 2022 election seasons. 

Rashida Tlaib 

The outspoken member of Congress from Michigan always takes an intersectional approach to her commentary on critical issues affecting her local constituents and by extension, all of us. 

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