Video: Daily Kos storytelling basics

Curious about the techniques staff and community writers use to create their successful (read: highly recommended and shared) posts? Check out the hour-long video of the Daily Kos Community Writing Workshop we hosted in September of 2021.  Moderated by Daily Kos Publisher Faith Gardner, the workshop features presentations by Jessica Sutherland, Managing Editor of Community Content; Cara Zelaya, Content Strategist; and Jen Hayden, Trending News Managing Editor. 

The announcement post written by Jessica Sutherland explains what topics are covered: storytelling basics, structuring your story, the potential impact of your writing, and increasing your chances of community interaction through strategic use of story images and headlines. Two follow-up posts provide some of the information shared within the workshop: In case you missed it, our first Community Writing Workshop was a success! (by Faith Gardner) and Community Spotlight: Is your story hiding its beauty under a drab headline? (by B├ęsame, Community Contributors Team member)