Sharing Daily Kos Stories

Yes, absolutely, we appreciate it when our site readers and members share our stories. 

We suggest three relatively convenient ways to share our content: through email, or via Twitter or Facebook.

First, a caveat: we don't provide a built-in email option. We also love email, agree it's a great way to share, and know that a lot of people would like to have this feature. Unfortunately, when we did have it, we had a problem with spammers attacking our email function.

Email sharing is perhaps less complicated than you might realize, however. All you need to do to share a particular story is copy the story's URL and then paste it into the body of an email. It might be slightly more convenient if you're on a mobile device. But the basic approach is the same on laptops/desktops, too. (The URL is the full permalink for a given webpage; often the URL bar will show only the website's home page, but the full link should be captured with a "copy.")

Many browsers and email providers will also recognize the headline of any story as a hyperlink as well, so you can try to copy and paste the headline into your email message. Experiment and see what works best for you. Please note that Front Page stories might have a different title displayed in the URL than what you see on the story when you copy it. The URL retains the title from the story's original publication, even if it is edited afterwards.

Please read on if you have interest in using the share features to Twitter and Facebook.

Whether you see the Twitter and Facebook share features on an individual story depends on whether you're looking at the mobile site or the desktop site. Mobile devices load the mobile version, not surprisingly, by default. The URL for those mobile pages starts with m rather than www.

When you view the full, desktop site, you'll see that we do have a Twitter and a Facebook share icon built into the site for each story. (You do need to view the actual story page or a blog page, not the front page, to see it.) Check out this link to see an example of the full story view in the www mode:

The Twitter share icon, which is a little blue bird, along with the Facebook share icon, which is a white F on blue, and the Recommend star icon, are displayed directly below the headline. In most stories, depending on their length, you'll also see Twitter and Facebook icons in two more locations: in the left sidebar and at the bottom of the story above the comments.

To share using those features, simply click the icon of your choice. If you're logged in already on that social media site, then you'll see a preview of the content before you confirm posting.

If you're on a mobile device and you want to view the desktop site, simply click the view full site button at the bottom of your display. There are a lot of display and feature differences between the two views, which you'll see when you make the change. Again, you can always check the beginning of the URL to confirm which one you're viewing: for a story in full (desktop) view it starts with www while on mobile view it starts with m.

Once you've switched to the full site view it's a little more complicated, though not impossible, to get back to a mobile view because it's a little more awkward to reach the link to reset your preference. The resource below explains how to do it.

Thanks again for helping to get the word out about our great content.