Daily Kos Editor Tools: Embeds

We support the embeds listed below within stories and comments posted on Daily Kos. Additional information related to our own site-based Image Library is available through the related articles.

Some embedded content is static (e.g. images) while other embeds are dynamic (e.g. tweets, videos, etc.) Dynamic sources of any type require special handling relative to the site’s own code, which is why the capacity to embed is not available for all social media sources.

Whether creating a story or comment, a user will typically see the same built-in toolbar when the draft comment or draft story is open. See the related article on the CKEditor toolbar for more general information about the formatting options available. 

To embed offsite material, follow one of these two methods. The simplest is to paste in the URL for the item in the desired location within the draft story or comment. The embed tool in the editor (the symbol for open/closed HTML tag) is also available, designed for the specific embed code. To use this second option, position your cursor where you want the embed to appear, click on the embed icon, and paste the embed code into the field within the Embed Link modal that pops up. 

Supported embeds

The list below includes all embeds we enable within comments or stories.

Social media 

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

We are investigating how best to support Mastodon embeds.


  • Flickr
  • ImageShack


  • Facebook
  • Vimeo
  • YouTube

We do often have requests to enable embeds from other social media, particularly TikTok, but we have no plans to support other embeds at this time. The workaround we often suggest for TikTok is to find the desired item in a tweet, which can be embedded.

Audio files

  • Apple podcasts
  • Libsyn
  • Soundcloud


  • Civiqs polls
  • Google files: Make sure the link you embed is set to display on VIEW mode (unless you want people to edit your content offsite!)
    • Google document
    • Google spreadsheet
    • Google presentation
  • Scribd