What is Daily Kos?

We proudly assert, "Daily Kos is the nation’s largest progressive news and activism hub, reaching millions of readers each month." 

 Are you wondering what that means in practice? Click here for a short video, "What Is Daily Kos?"

To paraphrase what you’ll hear:

  • Our staff writes news stories for you to stay on top of the latest developments, often providing links to action steps that you can take. 
  • Our community members write posts on topics of their choosing, from local political news to personal joys and sorrows. 
  • The Daily Kos Liberation League promotes efforts to achieve racial and gender equality and secure LGBTQ+ and disability rights and centers the work of people on the front lines of those causes. 
  • Our Elections team covers and analyses political campaigns at the national, state, and sometimes even local level. We also sponsor a candidate endorsement program to help elect progressive candidates up and down the ballot. 
  • Our Campaigns branch promotes candidates, campaigns, events, and issues of interest to progressives in every region of the U.S., offering readers many ways every day to get involved in shaping our future.

The best thing about it all? You can participate too! While anyone may read the site—we do not impose a paywall—and take part in sponsored action campaigns it is also possible for readers to create free user accounts to be able to participate in the conversation here.  

If you’d like pointers about how to create an account, how to participate on the site, and how create stories and comments, then please peruse the other resources provided in this "Welcome to Daily Kos" section of our how-to guide.