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Daily Kos has expanded into podcasting! We produce three weekly shows: The Brief, co-hosted by Markos Moulitsas and Kerry Eleveld; The Downballot, hosted by the Daily Kos Elections team: and How Did We Get Here? hosted by Cara Zelaya. 

What is The Brief?

The Brief, a one-hour weekly political conversation hosted by Markos Moulitsas and Kerry Eleveld, highlights on-the-ground members of the progressive movement and Daily Kos itself. Daily Kos site members may follow The Brief as a tag on the website to keep up with all posts on our episodes.

The Brief is broadcast live on our YouTube channel and Facebook page (currently, Tuesdays at 1:30 PT). Then it is distributed through traditional podcast channels, YouTube, and Facebook Live. 

Past episodes of The Brief are now streaming on all podcast platforms near you!

How to support organizations featured on episodes of The Brief?

Site supporters have asked how to contribute to the excellent on-the-ground efforts of the organizations whose leaders we've interviewed on The Brief. If you're interested, please check out our special ActBlue page that lists those organizations and provides a route for contributing to their programs.

What is The Downballot?

Daily Kos Political Director, David Nir, announced the debut of The Downballot in a post published on February 10, 2022, "Say hello to The Downballot, our new podcast about races from the Senate to city council."

The Downballot is a weekly show hosted by David Nir and David Beard dedicated to the thousands of elections across America for critically important offices below the presidency, from Senate to city council. New episodes drop every Thursday morning.

In each episode, "political director David Nir and contributing editor David Beard will highlight some of the key stories in the world of downballot elections—especially those that don’t always generate the big headlines. We’ll also bring on a guest to lead us in a deep dive of a major topic that will make you, our listeners, the best-informed political consumers around." 

Transcripts of the shows are posted at Daily Kos shortly after broadcast. Each transcript is published under the byline The Downballot (full story list).  

To see all stories published on the site related to The Downballot, visit this link (Stories tagged "TheDownballotPodcast")

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What is How Did We Get Here? 

A weekly documentary-type conversation hosted by Cara Zelaya, How Did We Get Here? offers a thorough analysis of one specific issue every month from a progressive perspective. Each episode examines the systemic ways that our government has created a broken system, who that system disproportionately affects, and how we can counteract and move forward towards a more fair society. 

How Did We Get Here? includes interviews with experts regarding the specific issue of the month and is distributed with video via YouTube and Facebook and through traditional podcast channels.