What happened to my Daily Kos Recommended emails?

Most people coming to Help Desk about "subscription" issues are asking, "What happened to my Daily Kos Recommended (DKR) emails?" If you’re asking about a *site subscription* however, please consult the linked reference, Site Subscriptions FAQ.

Almost always, the delivery of DKR emails is interrupted because they have been marked as spam at their destination. It's something that can happen by accident, caused by over-sensitive spam filters or any number of other benign causes. But once our emails have been marked as spam, we here cannot initiate the reinstatement process. Trying to sign up again also will not do the trick after you've wound up on that blocked list. Consumer protection laws rightly prohibit us from activating reinstatement for users when our emails have been marked as spam. Instead, users MUST take a step first before we can follow up.

If you think this is the problem you have, you are welcome to confirm it by creating a Help Desk ticket. But you also might want to proceed directly to the step you will need to take for reinstatement without waiting for confirmation of the spam block.

Our emailing agency, Action Network, has created a self-service link for reinstatement to the Daily Kos Recommended email list. They ask for one business day to process your reinstatement request.

While you’re waiting for that day to pass, it would be a good idea for you to check with your email host and your internet provider to see what you might need to have in place so that the emails are not diverted again. These are the four steps we recommend that you take:
1. Make sure that your email will accept mail sent from this address: campaigns@dailykos.com. Many email hosts have a built-in way for adding known senders to your preferred list.
2. Mark one (or more) of our emails as Important, to send a signal to your email host that we are a legitimate email source.
3. Check your spam folder for emails we've sent, and move any that you find there back to your inbox. That act also lets the email host know that you want our messages.
4. Make sure our emails are not identified as spam on the basis of the IP address from which it comes. Action Network, our emailer, has provided a helpful list of those addresses.

We are grateful that you asked for assistance to get back onto our list, and your interest in looking to us for important political news and activism updates.