Paid advertising via email at Daily Kos

As a publisher, advertiser, community, and activist organization Daily Kos provides valuable audience reach to Democratic candidates and like-minded organizations for a small fee. This grows the Democratic base, amplifies candidate messages, and helps win issue campaigns.
As such, we have a very open advertising policy for Democrats. We will work with most any candidate that is not running in opposition to a candidate we've endorsed. We run ads for Democrats in competitive primaries where we have not endorsed. And, if we start refusing some copy in those races, then it would be as if we have endorsed.
To differentiate between paid emails and advertisements, we've implemented multiple disclaimers through the ads, emails, and landing pages to clearly indicate it is "paid for by…" and "Does not equal endorsement," unless it's an endorsed candidate. When a reader signs a form, the disclaimer includes language that allows both Daily Kos and the client to contact the signers in the future.
All of these measures are to be clear and transparent with users about the type of content they are receiving and help Democrats expand their reach, grow the progressive movement, and help amplify organizations doing good progressive advocacy work.