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Founded in 2002, Daily Kos is a digital media platform for news you can do something about. Our staff writers share the latest stories and analysis to inform readers about hard-hitting issues that matter to progressives, and our activism team provides tools like petitions, letter writing campaigns, and organized protests to empower our readers to take action. Along with our staff news teams, we also have a community platform that gives anyone the opportunity to write about the issues that matter to them. High-profile public figures like then-Senator Barack Obama and former President Jimmy Carter are among the tens of thousands of community members—candidates, activists, and citizens—who have used our platform to write, connect, and amplify important issues every day.

In addition to our news and activism, the Daily Kos Elections team provides detailed analysis on congressional elections, state, and local office races year-round. They also lead our endorsement efforts, raising millions of dollars for progressive candidates in races all over the country. Our related nonpartisan polling firm, Civiqs, conducts public opinion research by polling a nationally representative online survey panel on a daily basis.

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