Charitable Contributions made through Daily Kos and ActBlue

Thanks for donating to one of the charitable organizations whose campaigns we support and promote.

ActBlue manages virtually all donations made through our site, whether the ultimate recipient is us (Kos Media), or political candidates and campaigns, or community organizations. Political donations to candidates, campaigns, or to our own website are not tax-deductible. Not all community organizations have 501(c)(3) status under federal regulations, but if they do donations to them are tax-deductible as allowed by law.

We appreciate your use of our platform to make these donations. We track them only in the aggregate, however, to give people a sense of their collective impact. To confirm the total contribution you made in a given year to any individual organization, you must do so via ActBlue.

All donations made via ActBlue will have been confirmed and acknowledged by email to you; the sender will appear as ActBlue Receipts. Within the email, you will see the name of the recipient and the amount given in that particular transaction. Every confirmation email will also include a link at the bottom of it through which you can access your donation history. You may also login to ActBlue and search through your donation logs there. ActBlue's support page is comprehensive and should answer most of your questions.

It is very likely that you would have received a confirmation of your charitable contribution for any donation made to a 501(c)(3) organization, since they know people seek that information for tax purposes. We cannot guarantee that all organizations would follow up in this way, however, nor do we have any information about the timing of such communication to you.