Share button returns even better than before

A new, updated, and expanded share button rolled out recently. This feature will make the process of sharing to Facebook and Twitter/X much easier than it has been for several months. It also provides a handy "copy link" tool.

Take a look at this example story published on 10 January 2024. See the little Share button with an arrow icon to the right of the Recommend button? This is where you will see it on every story.

It is not necessary to be logged-in to see or use the share button. When you click it, a menu will open. Currently, we offer three sharing options, but there may soon be more.

Clicking the Copy Link option will put the story URL into your browser's clipboard and display a notice that it is available there.

Clicking the Facebook or Twitter/X options will generate a prompt for you to login to your account there, if you are not already logged in. If you are logged in, though, then you'll see a draft post/tweet displaying the story URL for you to review and edit before deciding whether to post it to the platform.