How to remove possible malware on Android Chrome

Recently, users on Android Chrome have reported a few problems that seem to arise from malware. We have some interim answers and a course of action to recommend.

We take all possible care to ensure our email newsletters are free of any malware or malice. We are investigating the ads that have run recently for the links reported by users, to ensure that they are blocked from advertising with us (and hopefully anyone else) ever again. That's why we've asked people reporting this issue to the Help Desk to tell us about the path/series of pages they used that resulted in this bogus display. This information, along with the domain names and/or URLs of the bogus websites, can help us identify and block the potential source.

It is also true, unfortunately, that a variety of culprits could have been the source of this problem, and there is a possibility that such a virus may already lurk on the browsers of users reporting this issue. There are a few reasons why a virus might show up in connection with our links and not others. The reports we've received so far come exclusively from Android Chrome users, which increases the likelihood of that being the case. Viruses are pretty sneaky little apps and can include features like a fake invoice from a vendor. This is purely phishing and should only be reported/deleted never clicked. 

If you are encountering these unwelcome displays, please take these steps to make sure you don't have anything amiss on your browser. These resources explain how to investigate your own Chrome browser for a virus and then to eliminate any you find.

Remove malware or unsafe software (Google's own support page)

We're also hearing about specific bad sites, so while we're offering some general security tools we'll include those too:

Note that we offer no endorsements of the products available through these sites; we share them for informational purposes only. Some of these resources are browser-specific, so it's good to check out that detail before you get too deep into the process. Many of these resources will provide information covering a wide range of browsers but often will put that information on separate pages.

You are always welcome to open a Help Desk ticket for further assistance. Providing information such as a URL/domain name for the problematic display, a screenshot of the display (if possible), your device, operating system, and browser (including version numbers), and the path you followed to reach this unexpected display will help us help you quickly.