How to address unwanted logouts

Some site members have been reporting instability with their login status. In normal circumstances, once you login, you should stay logged in. The only routes for logging out we intend to enable are 1) clicking the signout button or 2) deleting your cookies for the site.

Site members have found that in the middle of writing a comment, or in moving from story to story (to name only two examples), suddenly they will see that they are not logged-in, though they have taken neither step to log out.

We have deployed fixes for this bug which seem to correct the problem for many users without a need for any further action on their part. For some members, however, it appears necessary to take one more step to implement our remedies.

If you are encountering this unstable login bug, please delete your cookies for Daily Kos from your browser. Most browsers have a way to delete cookies from one site only; let us know if you need tips. (The single-site deletion minimizes inconvenience to you.)

If you find that your login status remains unstable even after deleting the cookies for our site, we would like to hear from you. Please open a Help Desk ticket to explain what you were doing when you were unceremoniously bounced off, and what device, operating system, and browser you’re using, including version numbers.