Email me when someone replies to my comment

The option to be sent an email when someone replies to your comment is indeed something in your control, and you can change it for any comment you like.

Look in a blank comment box. You should see an option, "Email me when someone replies to my comment" statement at the bottom of it. The checkbox with it is orange when it is turned on (its default setting). If you uncheck, or recheck, that box then it should remain in that state unless and until you choose otherwise.

You can, in theory, change it for every comment you make, but probably most people set it to off, or on, and let it ride. The feature is supposed to work for your account across browsers, but your preference may expire. Also, if you've recently cleared your cookies, that might have affected your previous setting.

There's another chance to intervene later, too, for any notices you get from a particular comment. When you have an email reply, look at the bottom of it. "Stop following this discussion" appears next to the Post a Reply button. It's not obviously a link, but indeed it is. After clicking on it you'll be redirected to a confirmation page that will allow you to undo that response if you like.

If you don't receive any of these notifications in your email inbox, then either your email of record for us is obsolete, or there is something else interfering with our delivery of these notices. Check your email on your Edit Profile page, and update it if need be. If that's not the issue, then please contact the Help Desk to get it sorted.