New workflow for editing stories

When a site member clicks the Write a Story button to open a story draft, the window displayed looks like this:

This is the edit window, a view that will be familiar to anyone who has started a story draft.

Formerly, reopening a saved story draft would return you directly to this view. But since our recent site redesign, the view that is offered when opening a story draft looks different. What you will see is a version that looks like the story was actually published, even though it was not.

This view still presents edit tools, the same way that a published story does. See these two screenshots for the sequence of steps needed to reach the familiar draft view.

draft story view showing edit menu dots

After you click the three dots, this menu will appear to you (or any user who belongs to a group).


This change enables you to get a true preview of what the published story will look like, not merely a WYSIWYG approximation. But it does require extra steps to get to the view which enables editing.