Why do I see ads when I'm a subscriber?

A major benefit of site membership is the ability to subscribe to Daily Kos (for the bargain rate of $40/year), which in turn carries the benefit of being able to hide ads. The ads that can be turned on, or off, include the commercial ads that accompany site stories as well as the video ads.

If you have a site subscription in effect for your username, but you are suddenly seeing ads, the most likely reason is that you have accidentally clicked the "Show Ads" link in your user dropdown menu.

When a user subscribes to the site, the "Subscribe to Hide Ads" link offered in the user dropdown menu becomes a link to "Show/Hide Ads." The default for a new subscriber is to hide ads, which means that the dropdown menu displays "Show Ads." That does come across as counter-intuitive, perhaps, unless you think of that link as a command rather than as a status description. In other words, when you do not see ads, the dropdown link displays "Show Ads." When you DO see ads, the dropdown link will display "Hide Ads."

You can turn ads off again, if your subscription is current, in one of two ways:

  1. Click the "Hide Ads" link in the pulldown menu attached to your username at the top right corner of your page.
  2. Find your "Edit Profile" page (linked from your profile page) and find the setting to show or hide ads, and change it.

This status will remain in effect until you click that link again, or (in the case of an auto-renewing annual subscription) until your subscription is canceled or expires. You can tell your subscription is current by either looking for the Subscriber badge on your profile page (a white heart inside an orange circle with a scalloped edge) or by going to the site Subscriptions page to see your current status.