Postcards to Swing States (28 May 2024)

Open: NOW. Postcard mailing dates: Mid-October

One of our most popular ways to get involved with elections in crucial states and make a real difference is back in operation for 2024!

Postcards to Swing States (P2SS) offers a fun, easy way to get out the Democratic vote—and it does not require talking to anyone. 

The sponsoring organization, Progressive Turnout Project, announced this year's objectives at the beginning of May:

The initiative will organize more than 203,000 volunteers across all 50 states to handwrite more than 26 million postcards to inconsistent Democratic voters this fall–more than any other organization....

Postcards to Swing States will reach voters across at least 11 key presidential and Senate battleground states: Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wisconsin. Organizers will add 50 U.S. House and 75 state legislative battleground districts to the program later this year.

We can reach that goal, together.

It’s an approach with a proven record of success. P2SS will send you postcards, addresses, and the message to write; you’ll need to supply stamps. The P2SS process, along with evaluation of their past successes, is explained in detail on their FAQ page. 

Sign up now to allow time for delivery of the blank cards to you and then your completion of the cards. Bulk orders are possible for organizations to plan postcard-writing parties with their groups, in-person or virtual. The postcard mailing dates will be in October as explained within the P2SS instructions.

Click to volunteer to write GOTV postcards to voters in eleven battleground states.