Signing up for the Daily Kos Recommended and Daily Kos Elections Email Lists

Daily Kos manages several mailing lists which disseminate links to subscribers on at least a daily basis. Our emails share recent stories by staff and community writers, promote petitions and other actions that readers can take, and help raise funds for progressive candidates and causes. Joining our list is free.

The main Daily Kos list also has sublists focusing on themes such as environmental issues, racial and social justice, and the protection of democracy. These are all "curated" lists which Daily Kos staff compile based on the reception of the stories on the site and the click ratio for stories in test emails. See Michael Langenmayr's explanation of that process for more details.

Daily Kos Elections also sponsors several email newsletters. The primary and most frequent message sent to list subscribers is the Daily Kos Elections Morning Digest, but other lists cover international elections, statehouse developments, and voting rights.

People whose email addresses are on those lists also receive action alerts as well as promotional campaign material from individual candidates and issue-based advocates, depending on the focus of the list.

Signing up for either the Daily Kos Recommended or Daily Kos Elections emails can be accomplished in several ways. On the Front Page, a section devoted to our Activism efforts features one time-sensitive petition along with four others of special relevance; signing any one will subscribe you to the list. Another way is to click on the link in the header on many pages, "Join the mailing list," and follow the prompts on the next page. Another is to sign a petition on the site, whether it is embedded in a Daily Kos story or displayed on the Campaigns page. The Action pulldown at the top of some site pages will link to a list of the 20 current campaigns with live petitions, all of which can be signed for their own sakes if you wish.

To start receiving one or more of the newsletters related to Daily Kos Elections, go to this handy post by David Nir that provides forms for all four of them: Sign up for Daily Kos Elections newsletters

Again, it is FREE to sign up for these email lists/newsletters. Sometimes people confuse the process of subscribing to Daily Kos under their username (which is also free, by the way) with the process of belonging to ("subscribing to") the email lists. But they are completely independent systems. Having a site username -- which results in having a username distinct from one's email address -- is totally separate from being on any of the email lists. Belonging to one provides no connection to the other. See the linked resources about site subscriptions for more information about the process of paying a $40 annual fee, for yourself or another site user, to be able to enjoy the site ad-free.