Site Subscriptions FAQ

IMPORTANT: We have had to disable our portal for new subscriptions temporarily. That option will be available again soon. If you want to be notified when it is functional again, please open a ticket at the Help Desk so we can be sure to let you know. Thanks, and apologies for the inconvenience!

Thank you for considering a site subscription to Daily Kos for yourself or for a friend. Your financial support contributes to the independence of our site. In return, we allow subscribers to hide all ads and permit access to our small but high-quality library of e-books, described below. Subscribers are also recognized with a small gold icon on their profile page.
If the Q/A below do not help you resolve your issue completely, please feel free to open a private ticket at the Help Desk.

Who may subscribe? Any registered user of Daily Kos (that is, someone who can login to the site) may purchase a subscription to the site for themselves or for another site user.
Anyone, registered user or not, may purchase a gift subscription for a registered user.

How much does it cost to subscribe? Annual subscriptions cost $40. We no longer offer the option to purchase lifetime subscriptions, although we will honor those bought when they were available.

How do I subscribe? Go to the Subscribe page Complete the online payment form for yourself or for a friend. Please note that we no longer offer the option of paying for a subscription via check or money order.

How do I sponsor a gift subscription? When you go to the Subscribe page you'll see the option to give a subscription to someone else. Anyone receiving a gift subscription must be a registered site user, and you must know the exact spelling of their username. (It's worth checking their profile to make sure they're not already subscribed, for that matter. You'll see a gold medallion underneath their username if they are. Other details are explained in the next answer.)
If you know someone really, really well and feel confident that they don't have a username already -- and that they won't take it amiss if you set one up for them -- it's possible for you to create an account for them using that person's own email. They'll get the confirmation instructions directly to their email address, and they can request a name change via the Help Desk as long as they have not yet used the username to make any comments or posts. Once their account is confirmed they can even reset their password.
Site users sometimes subscribe simply for the sake of avoiding the ads; there's no obligation to take part, though we do welcome new users.

How do I know that my effort to subscribe succeeded? If you subscribed or gave a gift subscription, you will see a thank you page. You will also see a gold badge on your Daily Kos user profile underneath your main avatar -- or on the profile of your gift recipient. One more important change will appear on the profile page of a subscriber. In the lower of the two toolbars with links that appear across the top of the profile, above the main avatar, subscribers will see two additional links: SUBSCRIPTION and (DOWNLOADS).
Lastly, subscribing should turn your ads off while you're signed in. In the drop-down menu under your username, you’ll find an option to toggle ads on and off, should you wish to see them again or if you accidentally turn them on.

How do I renew a subscription? When you first subscribe, your subscription is set to renew annually, on your anniversary date, using the card with which you originally paid for it. You will receive a reminder via email two weeks in advance of that renewal date.
Please note that Gift Subscriptions do NOT auto-renew. You will receive advance notice by email of the approaching expiration of a Gift Subscription, and may choose to purchase a new subscription. If you do nothing, the Gift Subscription will lapse.

How do I cancel a subscription? You may cancel a subscription renewal at any time by going to the Subscribe page when you are logged in. On that page you will see text announcing that you have a subscription in force, with its expiration date. You will also see an orange hyperlink, "Cancel subscription." Click on it and then confirm the cancellation on the page that opens next.
Please note that there are no refunds, pro-rated or otherwise, for cancelled subscriptions. Consequently, choosing to cancel means that your current subscription will remain in force until its renewal date. It will end on that date and no autorenewal will be processed.

What if the information on my credit card is no longer valid, or if I want to use a different card for my subscription renewal? If your card number changes or your card expires, so that a renewal charge would be declined, or if you want to have your subscription on a different card, you may continue your subscription without a break.
Right now, that process takes several steps, starting with cancelling your current subscription.
1) When you are logged in, go to On that page you will see text announcing that you have a subscription in force, with its expiration date. You’ll also see an orange hyperlink, "Cancel subscription."
2) Click on "Cancel subscription," and then confirm your choice on the page that will open.
3) You may now purchase a new subscription for yourself, via the page. You will see text there stating that you have “a recurring yearly subscription that you have canceled, expiring on [xx/xx/xxxx].” As long as the new credit card information you enter is different from what you used for your previous subscription, your new renewal will be processed. Your confirmation will tell you that your subscription is “currently on hold because you have a received a gift subscription or have an active PayPal subscription.”
Since there are no refunds for cancelled subscriptions, your original subscription will remain in effect through its original renewal date. Then our system will bill your new card for your subscription and make that the card of record for future renewals.

What ebooks are included, and how do I access them? Our current e-book library includes four publications:
- The Chronicles of Mitt and Hunter on the Holidays by Hunter, Daily Kos senior political writer
- American Taliban by Markos Moulitsas, Daily Kos founder and publisher
- The Evolution of Everything by Mark Sumner, Daily Kos staff writer
They are each available in three formats: PDF, mobi (for Kindles) and epub (for other devices).
To access the full list, use this link which will display your options when you are a logged-in subscriber. Or, you can reach that page from your own profile page, again if you are a logged-in subscriber. Look for the link (DOWNLOADS) in the bottom toolbar above your avatar, next to the link SUBSCRIPTION. Choose the ebook and the format you prefer and start downloading.

Can I reassign my subscription if I decide to create a new username and abandon the username under which I was originally subscribed?
Yes. You must contact Help Desk for assistance with that process.