dailykos.com appears as a blank page for some users

Problem description:

Some users are getting a blank page when they try to load dailykos.com. This is most often seen in Firefox or Chrome, but users have reported the problem with Safari, and it may appear in other browsers as well.


An ad blocker is blocking the entire site.

More specifically, the site is being blocked by a filtering rule in one or more of the subscription blocklists that your ad blocker is configured to use; it is neither a bug on dailykos.com nor in the ad-blocking software proper. Bug reports should be directed to the maintainers of the blocklist, who are most likely not the same people who maintain the ad blocker itself.


Disable your ad blocker when visiting Daily Kos, or configure it to make an exception for dailykos.com.

Your ad blocker should have some mechanism that allows you to make exceptions for selected sites; here's how to do it for the two most popular ad blockers:

AdBlock Plus (FireFox): Tools menu → Adblock Plus; click on Add Filter, copy/paste
@@http://*dailykos.com/* to the field, then click the Add Filter button.

AdBlock (Chrome): Wrench menu → Tools → Extensions; Click the "Options" link in the "Adblock" entry; go to the "Excluded sites" tab, enter
and click "Add"

This remedy will unfortunately be necessary even for ad-blocking users who have bought subscriptions to Daily Kos and turned ads off on the server side; the maintainers of the blocklist can't distinguish our Subscribers (thank you, subscribers!) from our normal users.