How the Daily Kos candidate endorsement program works

Our Political Director, David Nir, has posted an updated explanation of the Daily Kos endorsement process. It is still called, cleverly enough, How the Daily Kos Candidate Endorsement Program Works

In the post, David explains our track record and our endorsement process, providing important context for the program. He also includes four resources for use by people interested in seeking our endorsement for a candidate or a ballot measure, or in keeping up with (and possibly donating to) our endorsements to date.
1) Key questions for Daily Kos candidate endorsements
2) Current list of Daily Kos endorsements
3) Daily Kos Candidate endorsement proposal form
4) Daily Kos Ballot measure endorsement proposal form

The proposal forms have been designed to gather all the information needed for our Endorsement Committee to make a decision. If you read through the post and the associated forms and you still have a question, please send an email to

Thank you for seeking our endorsement and for supporting our endorsed candidates and ballot measures.