Using Images

The Daily Kos Images function will make it easy to upload your images quickly and format them without knowing any code. All logged-in users can upload and use shared images. You can view a tutorial here (requires Flash):

The Image library is discussed here in part 2:

Two wonderful written tutorials here:
Want to use our super cool new image uploader and library? Of course you do! Find out how

How to add an Image to a Comment

This diary does an excellent job explaining the importance of adding a description to images, to make them accessible to users using screen readers:

But there's more about the description, something that makes it even more vital that you take the time to supply one and make it actually descriptive, and here's where the Kosability angle comes in. When you embed the image in a diary, one element in the HTML code that is generated for it is the alt attribute in the <img> tag. The value given to alt= in a library image is the description you gave it in the library. And the alt attribute has a special use. Web browsers called screen readers, available to sight-impaired users, read the text of a web page aloud. When they come to an image that has no alt attribute, what they say aloud is "image". As this article describes it,

When a screen reader comes across a graphic, it says "image". If a page uses many images for its content, all the blind user would hear would be "image, image, image, image…"

If you use descriptions, instead your blind user will hear "Person starting to write a diary" or "Michelle Bachman looking unusually crazy" or "Ceiling Cat? R U Up There?" or whatever you would want to substitute for your image.

###Using Outside Image Hosts###

Daily Kos only allows certain approved image hosts for inline images in diaries and comments. There are three reasons:
1. Daily Kos can result in a substantial amount of traffic for an image. Many sites are not equipped to handle this amount of traffic, and in any case, they do not wish to pay for the bandwidth.
2. It is possible to embed malicious code in image calls. Our allowed image services all have safeguards against this.
3. It is important to respect copyright when using images.

For now please consult the following, till we find a more concise reference:
Copyright and Fair Use Overview

This video is fun:
A Fair(y) Use Tale

Offsite sources of allowable images:

Here is a tutorial that also may be helpful:
Using Art and Photos: How copyright law applies