Resources for the Transition to DK 5 (the current version of the site)

For long-time users, changes in the design and function of Daily Kos in November of 2015 were significant enough to warrant some extra support to explain the new system. Most of the tools and guides here were written just before or after the transition, and they could bear revision especially in reference to finer points and features. But the general descriptions still apply.

New users may also find these tools helpful, of course.

Here’s elfling's tutorial explaining the editor.

DK5 Tutorial: Writing a diary, embedding images, navigating comments

Here's peregrine kate's text-and-image version of the tutorial:
DK5 How-To: Writing, Editing, Publishing a Diary

Here’s Jason’s diary explaining the design intent:

Help us break Daily Kos 5—before it even ships

Here’s Markos’ diary explaining changes to HRs/flagging and hidden comments:

On HRs, flags, and a more positive community

and his discussion of the beta progress:

YOU are the focus group

It's worth including the new Rules of the Road here to expand upon some of the new Community Moderation practices referenced in Markos' diary above.

Mokurai has pulled together some information that is useful:

What Can You Embed?

DK5 Manuals Project