Quick Start Guides for Signing Up and Participating on Daily Kos

This article provides links to a few resources that explain how to get started at Daily Kos. Some of the links refer to stories on the website; other links redirect you to resources within the Knowledge Base.

Signing Up It is very easy to sign up for a user account at the site: Visit this link and follow the prompts. But if you want more background, this resource is for you.
Here's how YOU can contribute content to Daily Kos

Recommending Comments and Stories The following resource by TrueBlueMajority explains the recommendation process at Daily Kos, describing not only why recommending posts and comments matters but also how to do it. The ways to share stories are also covered.

Writing a Post (also called a Diary or a Story) The draft windows for stories and comments are intended to be self-explanatory, but some aspects might not be obvious to everyone. For some tips, please see these guides.

This resource is the shortest and most efficient one:
How to Write a Daily Kos Story: The Basics

This one is much more comprehensive:
DK5 Tutorial: Writing a diary, embedding images, navigating comments

Here's a text-and-image version of the video-based tutorial above:
DK5 How-To: Writing, Editing, Publishing a Diary

To learn more, please consult this Knowledge Base resource:
More Tips for Daily Kos Member-Users: Embedding Images, Formatting Content, Knowing Your Audience

Daily Kos Community Moderation The Daily Kos community relies upon a unique system of moderation to help make this a welcoming and constructive forum for all who support our mission.
The following two references explain site policies:
Rules of the Road This link provides a concise reference for new and experienced site users regarding the DOs and DO NOTs at Daily Kos.

Community Guidelines This post is the most recent diary covering moderation rules and what sort of content is and is not acceptable at Daily Kos.