My comment disappeared!

Daily Kos does not delete comments except in extraordinary circumstances (personal information in a comment, video autoplaying, etc.). However, there is a community moderation system known as "hide-rating" or "troll-rating" that can render comments inaccessible to most viewers.

Users who have participated at Daily Kos and have been members for a while in good standing may become "Trusted Users." Once Trusted, that user can rate comments as "Recommend" or "Hide." To be hidden, a comment must have at least two "Hide" votes. Recommend votes counter hide votes using an algorithm; there must always be substantially more people voting to hide than to recommend for a comment to be hidden.

Once a comment is hidden, you must be a Trusted User to view it and its replies, even if you wrote it.

If you are Trusted and you cannot see a hidden comment, go to your Edit Profile page and check your preferences. The default is for hidden comments to be off.

But Why Was My Comment Hidden?

Any violation of site rules can cause your comment to be hidden. Typical ones include:

  • ad hominem attacks or namecalling
  • hate speech
  • autoplaying video
  • parroting right wing talking points
  • advocacy of conspiracy theories
  • generally rude behavior

If your comment was hidden, the community basically agrees that your comment was damaging to the site and should not be viewed.

For more information on hide-rating criteria, please consult the Rules of the Road