More Tips for Daily Kos Member-Users: Embedding Images, Formatting Content, Knowing Your Audience

If you're looking for some tips to get started on the site, please take a look at this Knowledge Base resource first: Quick Start Guides for Signing Up and Participating on Daily Kos This resource offers more in-depth support.

Embedding images and embeds

Krotor's guide on working around sizing constraints on images:
Step-by-step guide: How to include maps, charts, and other detailed images in your Daily Kos diaries

Site Features, New to DK4 (some still relevant for DK5)

The next three posts lead to more comprehensive how-to suggestions.

What's new at Daily Kos 4 Note that DK5 (2015) has superseded DK4 (2011) in terms of the main (story) pages, but the old Perl pages persist for the less prominent sections of the site, including Search, user profile and history pages, and messaging (Kosmail). This post offers some basic tips about those older, DK4/Perl pages.

Cranky Users Feature Roundup The same caution applies here: the "new" features from DK4 are now found only in the site areas mentioned above.

New Diarists: Resources for all has lots of links to various tutorials created by Kossacks, for Kossacks, to help you get started. Many topics are covered.

Knowing your audience at Daily Kos

The resources below, written by experienced and popular site posters, offer excellent suggestions for writing a post that attracts positive attention and participation.

Writing Successfully at Daily Kos

A few tips for better blogging on Daily Kos

How NOT to write a Daily Kos Diary

Lastly, these two stories help explain why the personal touch matters.
Daily Kos is more than just about the news. It's about telling your story

The Power of Personal Narrative