Getting Started with Daily Kos: Some Key References

Here's a set of short video tutorials:

DK5 Tutorial: Writing a diary, embedding images, navigating comments

Here's a text-and-image version of the tutorial:
DK5 How-To: Writing, Editing, Publishing a Diary

You may also appreciate:

Rules of the Road provides a concise reference for new and experienced site users regarding the DOs and DO NOTs at Daily Kos.

What's new at Daily Kos 4 Note that DK5 has partly superseded DK4, but not entirely. Many of the "old-style" (Perl) pages that were innovations for DK4 are still in service, so this post offers some basic tips about those sections of the site.

Cranky Users Feature Roundup

New Diarists: Resources for all has lots of links to various tutorials created by Kossacks, for Kossacks to help you get started. Many topics are covered.

Community Guidelines is the most recent diary covering moderation rules and what sort of content is and is not acceptable at Daily Kos.

Writing Successfully at Daily Kos