Write Letters to Voters through Vote Forward

Handwritten notes written from a committed voter to an infrequent voter, encouraging them to participate, have had an impressive success rate. If writing letters sounds like something you could do, then please check out this resource Vote Forward has partnered with Daily Kos to expand their reach in these last precious weeks before the November 3rd election. There's still time to take part, but please act fast if this GOTV strategy appeals to you.

Vote Forward was the most popular get-out-the-vote activity for Daily Kos members in 2018 (when we helped flip Congress), and continues to be now in 2020. Daily Kos members alone have adopted over 700,000 voters so far in 2020. The plan is to stockpile these letters and mail them out on the date in October that will boost Democratic voter turnout in swing states to the greatest extent possible.

While the exact date the letters will be mailed is still unknown, due to ongoing issues with the COVID-19 pandemic and the U.S. Postal Service, we know that these letters will be mailed out earlier than the originally planned date of October 27. A new date will be announced soon, and Vote Forward is working hard to identify the ideal moment to send the letters out—as the effect of the "please vote" messages is very short.

In the meantime, please keep writing these letters. Because the date to mail them out will be moved up, we will have less time to get 10 million letters written & prepared than we originally planned. So it's already crunch time.

Check out this post, Vote Forward: The Perfect GOTV Activity for Introverts or the House-Bound, for more details. In these pandemic times we're not encouraging letter-writing parties in person, but many folks have figured out how to host/participate in virtual letter-writing parties to sustain energy and motivation.