No "add comment" box this morning?

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22 Jun, 2020 12:46 PM

And the "reply" button on comments is unresponsive.
is this a glitch? have I done something wrong? (nothing noted on my profile, still TU)
Oh, and by the way, for a couple days over the weekend, could only get headlines (no text) on my iPad, though it was all OK on my bigMac.

  1. Support Staff 1 Posted by Daily Kos Staff on 23 Jun, 2020 06:24 PM

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    Hello, and thanks for asking.

    Yes, you are not alone in having difficulty over the weekend regarding the page load failure on iPads. We addressed the problem so it shouldn't be an issue now.

    But if you're not seeing a comment box, or a working reply button, that's something else. Can you try a little troubleshooting for us? Namely, can you see if the problem persists if you view the site on a private/incognito window? That step is helpful because that mode disables most extensions. If there is an extension interfering with site function then this little trick can confirm it. (You'd still have to figure out which one(s) to disable for Daily Kos, however.)

    The other step we suggest users take, especially for those who are on the site a lot, is to clear your cache and cookies for the site. Old stored data can interfere with proper site functioning.

    If neither of these quick fixes help, then please return with 1) a URL for a sample story that isn't working for you; 2) your browser and operating system; 3) the route through which you reached that story.

    Thanks for your support of the site.

  2. 2 Posted by GlastoSara on 23 Jun, 2020 06:59 PM

    GlastoSara's Avatar

    OK, no problem with page loads on iPad (which had happened previously for a bit). I don't sign in on the iPad, by the way, just on my desktop Mac, 2007, but it was updated a couple of years ago. (OS Yosemite 10.10.5, Safari 10.1.2)
    The "no comment" thing just started yesterday, hasn't cleared up. I did clear the cache before I reloaded (I reload DKos every time rather than keeping it open/saving it, though of course the Mac remembers the address & fills it in once I type "da").
    It happens on EVERY story - no box to comment in at the end of the story, or at the end of the comments, and if I click on Reply, the button lights up but doesn't give me a box. But here's one that just came up on the Front Page (having reloaded again to test it):
    I am signed in - my handle & pic are up, I can see my (previous) comments & go to my Profile, send Messages etc.
    Not sure what a "private/incognito window" is - if I'm not signed in (e.g. on the iPad), I couldn't comment anyway.

  3. Support Staff 3 Posted by Daily Kos Staff on 23 Jun, 2020 08:48 PM

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    Hello again, and thanks for the additional details.

    I realize that hardware and budget limitations for users are real, but I'm wondering whether the issue isn't related at least in part to your older Mac OS and Safari versions. Is it possible to bring your machine forward by a version (or two)? Mac OS/Safari versions tend not to be supported after a few years, and it's possible that our own newer code upgrades are no longer compatible with Yosemite/Safari 10.1.2. We have been hearing reports of the older Safari versions not working well with our comment editor in particular, and we don't really have a good solution to propose.

    These changes in OS and browser design are possibly related to planned obsolescence, relative to pushing people to move to newer hardware, but it's also true that newer versions bring improved features. In any case, if it is indeed an incompatibility between our site code and what your desktop will support, then unfortunately there's little we can do about it.

    Might your iPad actually be newer/more easily updated? Perhaps it'll be time to transfer your active participation to that device if it's not possible to update your desktop any further. I'll check with my colleagues about the OS limits, too.

    I do have two other workarounds to suggest, actually. First, which style of comments are you loading now? Whichever one you're using, you may want to try the other. It may be a long shot but it couldn't hurt to try. See this post for how to switch between them.

    Second, are you able to install and use a different browser? Again, you may have difficulty given the older OS, but this too may be worth a try.

    Sorry not to have more suggestions to offer at the moment. Thanks for your support of the site.

  4. 4 Posted by GlastoSara on 23 Jun, 2020 09:46 PM

    GlastoSara's Avatar

    Hmmm ... have been resisting further updates or downloading other browsers (just phobic), & am reluctant to buy a new machine, as I'm now retired (was an editor & related stuff). It's an old, clunky iPad I got second hand a couple years back & it's just for noodling online while watching TV sort of thing, don't even know if it's updatable. Will have to think about it all. Didn't realise there was a new version of comments, BTW - just saw the alternate version of the layout earlier today (don't much like it) and it's too late in the evening to try new stuff (I'm in England). Will report back as & when I do try it. All very frustrating! 8-\

  5. 5 Posted by GlastoSara on 24 Jun, 2020 06:19 PM

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    One more anomaly - this diary:
    has an orange mark on it on the list, indicating that I'd commented - which I hadn't. (Hadn't even looked at it, until I saw the orange mark, and my user name's not in evidence on it.)

  6. Support Staff 6 Posted by Daily Kos Staff on 25 Jun, 2020 03:44 PM

    Daily Kos Staff's Avatar

    Hello, and thanks for following up.

    I'm happy to investigate but I'm not sure what you mean regarding "an orange mark on it on the list." If you mean that the little speech bubble with the thumbnail of the story headline in the sidebar--it being orange doesn't mean that you commented within the story. The bubble turning orange indicates that you opened the story, and that since you visited it there are some new comments on it.

    If you're referring to something else, please let me know.

    Thanks again.

  7. Daily Kos Staff closed this discussion on 25 Jun, 2020 03:44 PM.

  8. GlastoSara re-opened this discussion on 25 Jun, 2020 03:50 PM

  9. 7 Posted by GlastoSara on 25 Jun, 2020 03:50 PM

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    Ah - yes, the speech bubble. Didn't know that it was just if I'd opened it - however, I didn't think at the time that I'd opened that story - rarely open anything not already on the Rec list, and as I recall that one wasn't. Any chance that my a/c has been tangled with someone else's (as I gather some major site maintenance was going on over the weekend)? Or not. All very confusing, and more than a bit frustrating, as it all had worked as normal on my previous visit (which are frequent per day), and suddenly went awry at some point on Monday.

  10. Support Staff 8 Posted by Daily Kos Staff on 25 Jun, 2020 03:56 PM

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    Hi again.

    Honestly, there's no chance whatsoever that your site use would be confounded with anyone else's. If there is a problem, and it's possible there is one, it would have a different cause. That is not an impossibility! I'll keep my eye open for other reports of it, and you're welcome to monitor more closely too.

  11. Daily Kos Staff closed this discussion on 25 Jun, 2020 03:56 PM.

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