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08 Jan, 2012 02:24 PM

I would like to join a group. What is the proper way to get an invite or be added to a desired group.

  1. 1 Posted by OLinda on 08 Jan, 2012 09:43 PM

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    You just need to ask to join the group. If you are in a diary with Admins in a group, you can post a comment that you'd like to join. They will usually respond and send you an invitation.

    More often, people will send a message to the group and ask. On each group's profile page there is a link to "send message to group." Or, if you are in a diary that has been posted to a group, at the top near the group name will be a link to "send message."

    Some groups are limited, but odds are excellent that you will receive an invitation to join back from your request. There are links in the invitation to accept or decline the invitation.

  2. 2 Posted by floridagal on 17 Jan, 2012 10:51 PM

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    What if you send a message to a group and get nothing back, no response at all? I have written an education group, which I can see might be limited....but I also wrote the DKos Florida group and got no response either. I can not imagine their group being limited. I did not even know there was still a Florida group here, and found them through a search. I used to post there before the DK changed format, but I can't find them now to just read and browse. I must be doing something wrong.

  3. 3 Posted by OLinda on 18 Jan, 2012 12:03 AM

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    Darn. I think it's unlikely both groups are just not responding. That would not be very nice. I think they would at least respond even if just to explain they are not taking new members.

    A big glitch in the mail system is that messages to groups do not give message alerts. So it is possible the group members have not checked their mail lately and don't even know they have a message.

    If it has been 2 or 3 days, maybe wait a couple more days. If it's already been awhile, check to see who the individual members are and send one or more of them a individual message asking if your message was received.

    If you have seen one member over others, and you know they've been active on the site lately, send it to them.

    In light of this, I'm thinking my previous suggestion should have skipped the message to group function, although that is supposed to be what it is for. It' s like calling someone and the phone doesn't ring.

    I think fixing this has been shoved so far on the back burner that it fell off the stove. I don't know.

    If a new diary from one of the groups is posted, try posting in the diary comments.

    Can't say for sure this is what happened, but it's my guess right now.
    Please let us know if you have success.

  4. 4 Posted by OLinda on 18 Jan, 2012 12:11 AM

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    I should have said try to send a message to one of the Admins for the group. The roles are listed on the members page. They have the ability to invite where other members don't.

    elfling, I noticed it still says "Member" instead of Contributor on the roles tool tip.

  5. 5 Posted by floridagal on 18 Jan, 2012 02:01 AM

    floridagal's Avatar

    It's been weeks. I feel rather funny about repeatedly sending messages. I have been posting almost exclusively at Democratic Underground as madfloridian for years on education. I signed up here in 2004 as floridagal, and it is really hard to change a username. I don't like the format at the new DU, so branching out to other sites and twitter.

    I will just wait a while. I did not realize that Florida Kos was so hard to get into though I posted there before. The educator groups I can understand, as I am quite outspoken in my being against the attacks on public schools.

    I don't beg, I will wait. My posts get picked up at FLAPolitics usually, so I will get by without groups. Just a new concept to get used to here.

  6. 6 Posted by floridagal on 18 Jan, 2012 03:11 AM

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    Oh, I forgot to thank you for your help. It's just confusing right now changing posting habits and all. Thanks.

  7. 7 Posted by OLinda on 18 Jan, 2012 10:20 PM

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    You're welcome, floridagal. Sorry it didn't provide more actual help. If, in fact, it is a matter of mail not being checked, it is a shame Admins and Editors aren't doing a better job of checking mail. Many may not know that alerts don't work.

    You having trouble with 2 out of 2 makes me think there are a lot more people out there with this problem and we just haven't heard about them.

    You can still participate by commenting in the group diaries if that is helpful.

    I missed this part of your comment earlier:

    "I did not even know there was still a Florida group here, and found them through a search. I used to post there before the DK changed format, but I can't find them now to just read and browse. I must be doing something wrong."

    Is this a group on Daily Kos that you're looking for? I'm not quite understanding. Maybe we can help you find it.

  8. 8 Posted by floridagal on 19 Jan, 2012 04:00 AM

    floridagal's Avatar

    I meant this group, DKos Florida

    I sent a message but got no response. I have never figured out how to find the group without using the search groups function. I only learned there was such a group still when I saw a post that was crossposted there. There is no apparent link to the groups for posters like me who don't belong to any.

    I appreciate your time, but I am just not going to worry about it. Thanks again. I checked the members at DKos Florida, and most came here after I did. I took a long spell of not posting here, and I don't know them well enough to pursue it further.

  9. 9 Posted by YoungArizonaLib... on 21 Jan, 2012 12:53 AM

    YoungArizonaLiberal's Avatar

    Hi Floridagal,
    I started this post when I wanted to join BlackKos. It took a while for a response but I was eventually invited to the group. It seems that you have been patient. I wish there was a way for us to know who the group administrator was but I do not know how. All I have done was send a message to the group. If I were you I would start writing diaries about Florida & Florida Education. Members of the group that you want will see your diaries and may invite you based on your writings. It happened to me!
    Good Luck!

  10. 10 Posted by floridagal on 21 Jan, 2012 06:18 AM

    floridagal's Avatar

    I have been doing the diaries like that. I have had 2 on the rec list the last couple of months. I know many of the people in the 2 groups. I am linked at 3 FL blogs now, and I get quite a few noticing my twitter now.

    I think I will wait. I can see the messages I sent them still sitting there unread or unnoticed.

    Glad you got your groups, though.. I will just wait and see.

  11. 11 Posted by OLinda on 22 Jan, 2012 09:18 AM

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    YoungArizonaLiberal, Glad you got in the group. For future groups you might be interested in, I wanted you to know you can see who the Admins for a group are by going to the group's profile page, and clicking on "Members." It will show the list of members and whether they are Admins, Editors, or Contributors. You can see Black Kos here, for example:

  12. 12 Posted by Owlet on 31 Aug, 2012 10:28 AM

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    Hokay. I'm thoroughly confused. How does on get to the 'Group Profile Page"? I went to Economics Group but can't see any way to send a message to the group requesting membership or any link to view the group's profile .

  13. Support Staff 13 Posted by elfling on 31 Aug, 2012 07:11 PM

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    The Economics group is actually a special case, a new DK official vertical.

  14. 14 Posted by Owlet on 31 Aug, 2012 07:42 PM

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    Uh huh. Which means what, exactly? It doesn't accept members?

  15. Support Staff 15 Posted by elfling on 31 Aug, 2012 08:05 PM

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    I think there are some members already in mind for it and it will be a small team. (Like Elections, Comics, and Labor.)

  16. 16 Posted by Dcatsmeow (unve... on 17 Feb, 2013 10:57 PM

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    I am trying to join some groups. When I try to send a message to the group, I get a reply that I'm not allowed to send messages to the group. So how do I join?

  17. 17 Posted by OLinda on 18 Feb, 2013 12:33 AM

    OLinda's Avatar

    Dcatsmeow, there is a week waiting period before you can use the message system. There is also a 24 hour wait before you can comment.

    Mgmt here has been looking at the waiting periods and some are planned to go away, but not yet, so it doesn't help you at the moment. I think they want to prevent bad actors from signing up to harass people with messages, so a waiting period can be a good idea.

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