How do I submit my letter to my congresswoman to daily Kos?

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28 May, 2017 07:28 PM

Elise Stefanik (NY 21Congressional Dist) has sent a survey to constituents and I've responded & wanted to submit my response to newspapers in the district for others to see, but the Glensfalls & Watertown newspapers submission guides require letters to be 300 words maximum. The deconstruction & answer to the Stefanik survey required more. What better place than Daily Kos? But I've never submitted before. What is submission process for Daly Kos? Is the story below right for your site? Here it is:
Dear Congresswoman Stefanik
Early in May I received the poll you sent to constituents. My answers to your questions do not fit in the limited “check box forced choices” that the survey requires. I will not be passive and obedient to this manipulation of constituent discourse into an extremely narrow spectrum of debate . You don’t really want to hear what we think. If you did you would have real townhalls not the managed and limited media event that you stumbled though on PBS.

Your survey employs dog-whistles you to manipulate the worst emotions of constituents but at the same time work hards to seem measured, reasonable and thoughtful!  No leader, official or spokesperson should get away with saying that the current situation in the USA is normal and that Trump should be looked upon as as any other President.  It is not and you must be reminded  & held accountable to acknowledge that this administration is a disaster for the country. Instead it seems the republican majority ignores the outrages and acts in greedy venal self interest until no longer tenable politically. Where are your ethics?
The survey:
Q1. Do you believe our country is on the right track or wrong track? right track wrong track unsure answer: What does this intentionally vague question even mean?  It implies normalcy in the body politic & that what is happening is regular and not to be too worried about.  You don't acknowledge what a disaster Trump and his cronies are for your constituents and the future of people in the district.

Q2. Which Two of the following issues do you believe should be top priority for Congresswoman Stefanik? Healthcare Agriculture Energy Veteran Taxes Jobs & Economy National Defense 2nd Transportation Seniors immigration education spending & Debt Environment

Answer: Pick only 2 priorities? As if all the others are of no importance.  So I'm sure the answers will be all over the place... do you hope to divide your constituents in an attempt to give cover to whatever Paul Ryan & the House Majority wants to do...  And does so without ever revealing your priorities & prejudices. 

Q3. Given the treats around our world right now, should the federal government invest more resources into our national security? yes no unsure
Answer: What threats do you see?  You have defined herself as the Fort Drum Congresswoman.  Who wins? Your military industrial complex donors.  And if people can be kept on edge and fearful... all the better. What about all we’ve learned about Russian involvement in the Trump regime and the continued Whitehouse obstruction of justice? When will you speak out on this?

Q4. Are you a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment yes no unsure
Answer: Guns... Guns... Guns...  What about the rest of the bill of rights?  Are the other rights less important to you?  What about freedom of religion? freedom of the press?  Privacy?  and so forth... It seems the purpose of this question is to incite folks in the district over guns... to no useful purpose other that to divide north country people over this issue and have us forget everything else that might make us united against your re-election.

Q5. Do you support overhauling and simplifying the tax code by reducing deductions to lower effective tax rates yes no unsure
Answer: So Simple is better!  The first tax reform this congress should enact is a law requiring Trump to release his tax returns! But instead you offer another bait and switch. Functionally under Trump simplification means more tax breaks for the rich and further destruction of the remaining New Deal Social Contract!  Republican Darwinism of survival of the fittest... screw the rest of you that aren't rich.

Q6. Should congress do more to address the threat of climate change? yes no unsure
Answer: Here is an interesting twist.  It seems that you at least acknowledges the existence of Climate Change but if that is what you believe then why aren’t you speaking out your opinion and providing leadership in congress?  But the truth is you wants it both ways... to not aggravate the the denier crowd but seem like you are more reasonable on this issue than most republicans... so long as we don't really have to do anything about it.

Q7. Should Congress do more to address the cost of higher education and student debt?
yes no unsure
Answer: Congress should do a lot more on everything!  A question to make us think you might care?  What is the reasoned argument for an answer of no or unsure? More widely on education do you support the policies of DeVos?

Q 8. Do you support the use of grants & loans to improve the broadband internet access in rural communities? yes no unsure
Answer: Is that your only solutions?  If that was the way government acted at the start of rural electrification we'd still be in the dark up here.  Why does every human need have to be monetized for profit?  Internet access must be treated as a modern necessity like all other utilities!

Q9. Do you support streamlining the visa process for seasonal agricultural workers (the H-2A visa program)? yes no unsure
Answer: That is your only concern regarding immigration and foreign workers for agriculture?  And since you have a district that is part of the national border where do you stand on Immigration anyway?  What about all the foreign students living and going to college in your district?

Q10. Do you believe that Obamacare should be: repealed repealed and replaced fixed unsure
Answer: It is the Affordable Care Act not Obama Care.  Please stop using that dog whistle.  The question is now moot!  You didn’t really want to know what we thought about this anyway and now you want us to forget your betrayal of the poorer and older of your constituents!  This issue will not be forgotten in the 21St Dist of NY.  Your complicity in denying Healthcare to the poor and old will be your demise!

Q11 In general, do you feel that the federal government places too much of a regulatory burden on business? yes no unsure
Answer: Again a loaded question with no real world reference.  “GRRRRR yes laws and regs bad because ... FREEDUM!” ... the EPA and so many other agencies that protect health safety and justice are in jeopard because business needs to be promoted to the exclusion of all other values.

Q12. Do you approve or disapprove the job is doing as your representative? yes no unsure
Answer: You are despicable and need to be removed from office in the next election! So why don't do your constituents a favor & take a job in the Trump administration or from one of your corporate sponsors!  

Danny Dullea

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    You have reached the Help Desk. This is where technical questions are addressed, and tickets are only seen by the technically oriented who monitor the Help Desk. In order to reach the broader Daily Kos readership, you need to register as a user. Then, you can post stories (also called Diaries) to the blog.

    Go to the main page and you will find registration is quite easy.

    Before you begin writing, I suggest you read the Rules of the Road for this site.

    You may wish to comment and participate in the community discussions before posting a diary. That will give you a feel for the site, its regular users, and community norms. A word of caution. Don't select a username with numbers in it. That is a spammer trick, and you may be snagged by the spam filter. Select a username carefully, because once you have it, you are stuck with it. Also, don't put links in your first few comments. Another spammer trick, and again, the spam filter may get you for that.

  2. Support Staff 2 Posted by Daily Kos Staff on 30 May, 2017 05:37 PM

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    Thanks for asking.

    Otteray Scribe, the site user who replied over the weekend, makes good points. You may also want to take a look at this set of resources:

    For that matter, the Knowledge Base associated with Help Desk here has a number of topics that you might find relevant. Feel free to browse, and to return here if you have more questions.

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