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Having some issues? Something not quite working right? Post your problems here and we'll try and get to them as soon as possible.

16 Jul, 2019 02:52 PM by Daily Kos Staff
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Have a question on how something should work? Ask your question here and we'll help you out.

03 Jul, 2019 01:30 PM by Pariah Dog
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Do you have a suggestion? Maybe a feature you'd like to see implemented, or a suggestion on how an existing feature should work. Let us know what you think, we're always glad to hear opinions!

15 Jul, 2019 09:48 PM by foothillbilly
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Community and Moderation Issues [private]

Use this category if you have an issue relating to moderation, problematic user behavior, or bannings.

28 Nov, 2014 04:12 PM by elfling
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New "Lazy" Comments Issues

Help! The format of comments has changed and I don't know how to use them well.

Possible questions:

  • How do I do [what I was accustomed to doing in the old-style comments]?

  • How do I see all the comments in a thread?

  • What can I do now with key commands?

You might have others. If so, ask away.

Please feel free to help each other out.

16 Jul, 2019 03:56 AM by siab
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DK 5 - Daily Kos Beta: Bugs

Report bugs (or other arthropods) in the DK5 beta at

  • Buttons that do nothing when you press them

  • Unexpected behavior

  • Inexplicable error messages

  • Explicable error messages that appear to be our fault

NOTE: Design issues and How Do I? have their own separate helpdesk categories.

Please include:

  • a URL of the page you were on when it happened.

  • what you were trying to do

  • what happened instead

  • if you tried multiple times and the same thing happened

  • the exact text of any error message if possible

  • The browser you were using

Bonus points if you can tell us if you can do it repeatedly, with the exact steps in painful detail necessary.
Screen shots are sometimes helpful.
Copy/paste the exact text of an error message if you are able.
Please explicitly mention it if you are experiencing the problem on a phone or tablet.

23 May, 2019 09:19 PM by Daily Kos Staff
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DK 5 - Daily Kos Beta: Design feedback

This new design sucks! Cosmetic and functional complaints for the beta site.

This is where you tell us:

  • I hate the font!

  • There's too much orange!

  • There's not enough orange!

  • Bring back the divider-doodle!

  • I miss being able to write diaries in HTML!

NOTE: Bugs and How Do I? have their own separate helpdesk categories.

For maximal success:
"I don't like X" will rarely, by itself, be considered compelling, and especially if you're the only one saying it. After all, everything in this design was chosen by someone for a reason. But, a thoughtful narrative about why a particular design choice is creating a problem has been successful at getting a design change. So for example, "I have trouble finding a parent comment in a long thread such as [url]" or "I always try to click this thing that isn't clickable" are both more useful feedback. Or "I cannot perform this function because it doesn't fit on my screen."

It can help if you are clear about what task it is the new site prevents you from doing and/or what workaround you have to do to deal with it, if it is not immediately obvious.

18 Apr, 2019 03:42 PM by Daily Kos Staff