Switching from mobile view (m.dailykos.com) to desktop view (www.dailykos.com) and back again

Currently, mobile devices load the mobile version of Daily Kos. This version, which shows m. at the beginning of every page instead of www., is a lighter and simpler version of the full desktop version, and thus it has several advantages for site viewers on phones and tablets. The Front Page display on m.dailykos.com now resembles the new Front Page for www.dailykos.com, but many other aspects of the site, including story pages and comments, have not changed from the old m. version.

For some purposes, it is strategic for mobile device users to switch to the desktop version. Such purposes include wanting the ability to embed or view images in a comment and the ability to view non-photo embeds (like YouTube videos and tweets) in comments, among others. We offer a built-in way to switch from mobile to desktop, via a link to "View Full Site," which is displayed at the bottom of the browser window. Clicking it will not only load the desktop view of that particular page, it will also set a cookie so that future visits to the site will load the desktop view automatically.

It is also possible to switch back to a default mobile site load, but it's not quite as easy to do the switch in the other direction. A couple of paths will get you back to the mobile view. It takes longer to explain them both than it takes to do either one, and once you know how to do them it'll be pretty easy to remember.

The less-permanent one requires being on the old-style Front Page. That old style shows the "blog format" with a central section of stories with a right sidebar of headlines within special sections. If you're on the new version while logged-in on the site, you have one built-in route to use to load the old-style page. Go to your user pulldown menu associated with your username, and click on the "switch to old frontpage design." If you are NOT logged-in, then there is still a way to force the site to offer you the old Front Page. Enter this in your URL window https://www.dailykos.com/softlaunch/set_default and you'll be back in the old, blog-style view.

However you return to that old layout, you'll then need to scroll way, way down to the bottom of the home page. (It is a very long way on most mobiles.) Just above the black footer section of the page, you'll see a couple of orange links toward the right margin. One of those links says "View Mobile Site." Click on it, and the page will redirect to the mobile view.

The more long-lasting way to get back to the mobile view is to delete your cookies ("website data") for Daily Kos from the mobile device. The mobile view is actually the default on a phone or tablet, so clearing cookies will cause the site to load the mobile page the next time you open a new tab for it. (Rebooting the phone before going back to the site can help this reset, too.) Please also keep in mind that deleting your website data on your mobile device will log you out, so you'll need to have your password available to log back in.

It's also worth noting that mobile devices typically permit you to be selective about the websites you want to clear, in order to avoid purging all your data from every site you visit regularly above and beyond Daily Kos. But that's device-specific, and it's up to you to figure that out.

Thanks for your support of the site's mission.