UPDATE "McAfee" popups and other undesirable displays (11/20/2023)

UPDATE: On Saturday afternoon 11/18/2023 at about 1 PM PT we turned off an ad network, which seems to have put an end to this particular problem. IF you see it again, we do want to hear from you, so please let us know via a Help Desk ticket when it resurfaced for you. Thanks so much for your understanding.

In the past 24 hours or so we have heard from several users, on a variety of devices/operating systems/browsers, that a popup allegedly from "McAfee" appears without prompting. (Other unwanted popups are also surfacing, but this is the most common report.)

We're working on suppressing those ads; they've disappeared for some users already. Thanks for your patience as we work on this issue.

If you wish to open a Help Desk ticket with any details that you consider relevant, your help in tracking down the source would be appreciated.