New story layout debuts on desktop 05/30/2023

Regular site readers will have noticed some changes in the story display on desktops and tablets as of May 30, 2023. Some aspects of functionality have changed along with the display innovations; they're all described at length in this post, A new look for stories on desktop and tablet.

A few site users have reported seeing an error message, "Something went wrong" when attempting to load a story page. The remedy for this page load issue is to clear the browser cache and delete cookies. Both of these processes are explained in this custom resource (also linked below).

We have tested the new format extensively, but the possibility of bugs is never zero. If you think you have encountered one, please contact us for assistance by clicking the orange "Help with Daily Kos" button in the lower right corner. A popup for writing your ticket will open, where you can describe the problem you are having. Please tell us about your system (operating system and browser, including version numbers) as part of your ticket so we can help you most effectively.

As always, we thank you for your support of and engagement with Daily Kos.