Site security measures to counter a DDoS attack 01-19-2023

We experienced a fairly complex DDoS attack (distributed denial-of-service, an attempt to degrade or take down our site) beginning on 01-18-2023. Users saw an excessive number of error messages when attempting to load site pages while this was in progress.

We put a number of barriers up, including those annoying 'are you human' captchas, in order to slow the tide of bot traffic coming at us and to do our best to keep the site up and functioning in the midst of firefighting.

We do everything we can to avoid the need for such brute-force security measures. We appreciate your understanding, and continue to do everything we can to keep our site and community healthy and accessible to all.

We are not always in the position, unfortunately, to publicly comment on such attacks while they are still underway, due to legal reasons and evolving attack vectors. Fortunately, we have reached a good point with other protective measures and are slowly pulling back our draconian questioning of your humanity throughout the day today. Please bear with us and know that we are actively working to get the site back to normal.