Get Out The Vote in early 2023: Wisconsin Supreme Court

We accomplished much in the 2022 election, repudiating the doom-and-gloom-for-Dems and red-wave-for-the-GOP narratives that so many in legacy media eagerly promoted. Sen. Rafael Warnock's successful re-election campaign in Georgia topped an exceptionally gratifying election season, with his win giving us an important boost to our working majority in the Senate.

Between now and April 4, 2023, all hands are on deck to help elect Judge Janet Protasiewicz to the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Her victory in the April 4 election would tip the balance on the highest court in WI to 4-3 in favor of Democrats. Accordingly, the right wing is going all out to elect her MAGA-supporting opponent. 

It's hard to overstate how significant this election is. Wisconsin state Democratic chair Ben Wikler recently explained, the April 4 election may be the “only path in the next several years to undo the most extreme [Republican] gerrymander in the country." (Read this post for more details: Wisconsin has a crucial election on April 4. Here's how to get involved now)

Democratic voters are not always prone to vote in special elections, even when the stakes are this high. But with your help, we can win. We have TWO options available to anyone in the country to help boost Democratic turnout in WI on April 4.

Click here to sign up with Vote Forward to send letters to Wisconsin voters urging them to cast their ballots. (The deadline for mailing letters is Saturday, March 28--and the available addresses are going fast).

Click to sign up for a volunteer Get Out the Vote phone-banking shift with Wisconsin Democrats, no matter where you live.

The Daily Kos Elections team will continue to provide information about special elections as well as about moves by candidates running in the 2023 off-year elections and those declaring already for 2024. 

Keep an eye on the site for updates through posts and on your Daily Kos emails for other ways to get involved. We can do this--and so much more--when we work together!