Get Out The Vote AFTER Nov 8

We have accomplished much this election, repudiating the doom-and-gloom-for-Dems and red-wave-for-the-GOP narratives that so many in legacy media eagerly promoted. So we have much to celebrate! But we still have more Get Out the Vote (GOTV) work to do before we close the books on 2022. Winning the GA-Sen race by re-electing Senator Raphael Warnock will be a significant boost to our working majority in the Senate.

After Rev. Warnock's impressive victory in 2020, GA Republicans changed the runoff rules in ways they think will help them. One major change was the contraction of time before the runoff election. In 2021, it was held on January 5. This cycle, it will happen on December 6.
Check out what we can do now: "Georgia Republicans shortened the runoff to help them win. Warnock needs our help ASAP"

Our GOTV page onsite continues to offer multiple ways to close out the election with this key victory. Our most updated list of GOTV actions may be found on this Mobilize page. The Daily Kos Elections team will continue to update the status of this race (and all still-uncalled ones). Keep an eye on the site for updates through posts and on your Daily Kos emails for other ways to get involved. We can do this--and so much more--when we work together!