New Mobile Site Bug Remedy 10/4/2022

We deployed a major redesign for mobile devices on 10/4/2022. There is one path that needs some adjustment on our end, and we expect to have that fix out soon, perhaps as early as 10/5/2022.

Meanwhile, there is an easy fix to do from your end. Please click on this link: set default to new frontpage

That will force your device to load the "new" front page (not so new at this point, but it's all relative). Once the site is in that state, clicking on any story link should take you to the correct version.

For logged-in site members, there is an even easier route to use. Open the menu attached to your avatar in the upper right and scroll down to view the link, “Switch to new frontpage design.” Click on it, and the same adjustment will follow. From that point on, story links should take you to the correct version.