Postcards to Swing States (14 March 2022)

Open: NOW. Deadline: April 30 to sign up; May 31 to mail postcards

Postcards to Swing States is a very popular program, and Daily Kos is proud to help promote it for the 2022 cycle. When you sign up to write a number of postcards to infrequent Democratic votes in key states, you will receive talking points on what effective messages to write that will get people to vote. You will then order the postcards through an approved vendor.

For the first wave of postcards, we are focusing on four states that have a Democratic U.S. senator up for re-election this year: Arizona, Georgia, Nevada & New Hampshire. After we mail them out on May 31, we will expand to other states that have Republican senators where we can elect more Democrats—but only if we can urge infrequent voters to cast ballots.

It's a fun, easy way to get out the Democratic vote—and does not require talking to anyone. 

Click to volunteer to write GOTV postcards to these four battleground states.

You must sign up for this program before the end of April, and then write your postcards before May 31.