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serendipityisabitch's Avatar

I can't tell whether raptavio was snarking here, but it seems like a glitch with the bots.

open 6 24 Nov, 2015 01:59 PM by serendipityisabitch
Leila's Avatar

Will not unsubscribe

open 0 23 Nov, 2015 08:15 PM by Leila (unverified)
serendipityisabitch's Avatar

Spambot problem: the comment is spot on, but there's a link.

open 1 23 Nov, 2015 02:31 PM by serendipityisabitch
cville townie's Avatar

another spambot misfire?

resolved 0 20 Nov, 2015 06:34 PM by cville townie
statsone's Avatar


open 0 19 Nov, 2015 01:38 PM by statsone
serendipityisabitch's Avatar

Just in case nobody noticed yet - we're having a string of "tech support" spam diaries in the Recent list.

resolved 1 17 Nov, 2015 08:48 PM by elfling
serendipityisabitch's Avatar

Bot glitch - good link

resolved 1 16 Nov, 2015 06:29 PM by elfling
nomandates's Avatar

links at bottom of reclisted Bernie diary go to spam

resolved 2 16 Nov, 2015 06:03 PM by elfling
kbman's Avatar

"The Rick Smith Show"

open 0 16 Nov, 2015 04:53 PM by kbman
aoeu's Avatar

Spam in profile and two spam diaries today.

open 1 13 Nov, 2015 04:58 PM by aoeu
serendipityisabitch's Avatar

Bot glitch because of link, I think.

resolved 0 11 Nov, 2015 06:47 PM by serendipityisabitch
Lost and Found's Avatar

spambot misfire

resolved 2 11 Nov, 2015 05:36 AM by Daily Kos Staff
etbnc's Avatar

Peterson Group spam slipped through

resolved 0 10 Nov, 2015 03:33 PM by etbnc
MethuenProgressive's Avatar

Entire HuffPo article posted in diary

open 1 10 Nov, 2015 02:15 PM by MethuenProgressive
IndieGuy's Avatar

We know you're busy...

open 6 07 Nov, 2015 05:15 PM by IndieGuy
IndieGuy's Avatar

'Bot misfire.

resolved 4 06 Nov, 2015 10:36 PM by elfling
serendipityisabitch's Avatar

Looks like a spambot mistake. The link is good, and relevant to the diary.

resolved 3 06 Nov, 2015 07:20 PM by Lost and Found
serendipityisabitch's Avatar

First diary was a bland nothing, second diary is blatant spam. Needs admin ban.

resolved 1 04 Nov, 2015 06:06 PM by Eyesbright
serendipityisabitch's Avatar

I think I've spotted a new kind of spam - please check out this user's blogroll. Update: it was retro-spam again

resolved 18 03 Nov, 2015 04:09 AM by serendipityisabitch
aoeu's Avatar

Obviously intended to be spam

resolved 1 02 Nov, 2015 05:26 PM by aoeu
analyticFunction's Avatar


resolved 1 29 Oct, 2015 05:06 PM by Eyesbright
earicicle's Avatar

Massive violation of Fair Use in eve's diary

resolved 15 28 Oct, 2015 08:53 AM by earicicle
cville townie's Avatar

HUEG LIST of spambot misfires

resolved 2 28 Oct, 2015 08:35 AM by elfling
serendipityisabitch's Avatar

As much as I'd like to agree with the bots, I think this was a pretty good comment.

resolved 3 24 Oct, 2015 05:26 PM by CenPhx
Kona Shen's Avatar

PLAGIARISM: user jimluce posting my work without permission and under his name

open 6 23 Oct, 2015 08:30 PM by Kona Shen (unverified)
polecat's Avatar

analysis of recent spammer

open 0 19 Oct, 2015 07:39 PM by polecat
xavior breff's Avatar

how did this diary get onto Community Spotlight?

open 1 16 Oct, 2015 07:05 PM by Agnes Wright (unverified)
MethuenProgressive's Avatar

New user posts 'testing' diary, then edits it into anti-vaxxer screed

open 3 15 Oct, 2015 10:34 PM by Eyesbright
kfunk937's Avatar

another spambot misfire

resolved 2 15 Oct, 2015 06:31 PM by elfling
jiffypop's Avatar

Fraud diary on Rec list

resolved 18 15 Oct, 2015 05:18 AM by elfling

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